In need of Rat Pest Control removal?

Rats are a common household pest and they can be found in cities, towns and in rural areas. The most common species are the Roof Rat and the Norway Rat. Rats are seasonal pests and are usually found in homes around the winter and autumn months.

Even though rats have poor eyesight and are color blind they have a good sense of smell. They tend to live in ceilings, walls, and under bathtubs; outside they tend to be nested under wood, old furniture left outside, bushes, vines and around rubbish.

Below are some signs of rodent activity to check for around your premises:

  • sightings of living or dead rats
  • droppings and urine stains
  • gnaw marks
  • burrow holes
  • runways (rub marks)
  • odors or smells
  • rodent sounds
  • nests
  • damage to food in shelves
  • places with still water
  • piles of food sources (eg nuts, bird seeds, pet food)

rat pest control

Rats are very destructive.There need for gnawing means that they will chew through electrical wiring and water pipes causing extensive damage to your property.

Successful rat pest control and prevention involves sanitation,proofing and reducing the population. These are the common measures in the rat prevention and eradication.

At Northside Pest Control we will arrange a suitable rat pest control treatment and solution.