In need of Cockroach Pest Control removal? Cockroaches that have developed to live amongst us, have well developed survival skills.

Infestations are not always obvious or evident during the day.

A thorough understanding to eradicate a cockroaches behaviors is necessary to make manageable measures to ensure full pest control is accomplished.

Northside Pest Control provides professional cockroach pest control treatment services in the eradication of these widely detested household pests.

Cockroach Pest Control Non-chemical strategies

  • Harbourage adjustment – removal by sealing.
  • Have regular clean-ups (sanitation) of food, water and garbage each day, this will assist with control of populations.
  • Store food in sealed air-tight containers.
  • Regularly clean drains, food, and grease once a month.
  • Trapping and exclusion of food around the premises.

Cockroach Pest Control chemical strategies

An effective strategy is the use of a suitable insecticide, taking into consideration the active ingredients and making, for each kind of cockroaches that are on ones premises.

  • German cockroaches unlike other species are less sensitive pyretheriods.
  • Insect growth regulators (IGR) mixed with an adulticide are a good combination for the long term control of the German roach. The IGR does not allow the cockroach to reach maturity in order to breed.
  • Baits are a very safe and effective means of addressing a cockroach problem. They allow for a targeted application and can be used in sensitive areas such as food processing areas and kitchens. Baits are placed near harborages where the aggregation habit of the cockroach can be used to advantage.
  • Do not apply pyretheriod sprays near baits, as this will reduce their attractiveness making them less effective.