A flea infestation can be very concerning because they can quickly overtake house and the entire yard. Flea removal and flea treatments can be quite difficult.

The following outlines how to get rid of fleas and the steps required in order to achieve a successful flea treatment: Treat the pet and all its bedding for fleas.

  • This can be done by running the bedding though the dryer at high heat. This should be done at the same time as the internal and external house treatment.
  • Treat the house internally. First vacuum all flooring including couches. Dispose of the vacuum contents. Steam clean carpets and seating. Apply a bang spray.
  • Treat all garden beds and lawn area for fleas. If the pet spends time under the house, that area should be also treated. 

A flea treatment needs to be thorough. Northside pest control provides domestic flea removal and treatments as well as end of lease flea treatments in all the local areas. Flea control South Morang ,flea control Epping, flea control Craigieburn. Northside pest control provides flea control and flea removal throughout Melbourne.

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