Get rid of Rats and Mice, rodent control and rodent removal.

Mice and rodent activity is common at night as they look for water and food around premises. Mice are good at jumping, climbing and swimming and tend to make their homes outside under hollow tree logs, garages,roof voids, wall cavities or under rubbish. Mice are sometimes seen during the daylight hours.

Mice Pest Control Signs

Common signs of rodent activity to check for

  • Sightings of rodents both alive and dead
  • Rodent droppings. The size of the dropping will determine the type of rodent.(Rat/Mouse)
  • Damage caused by gnawing
  • Burrows and runways
  • Tracks in dust and drag marks from the rodents tail
  • Grease marks. Rodents tend to follow the same path.
  • Reaction of dogs and cats. Your pets can often direct you to the problem.
  • Smell – either dead rodent or build up of urine over time.
  • Damage to packaging
  • Hoarding. Stock piles of food.
  • Remains of indigestible foods(.i.e. snail shells ,nut shells and pips).

How to get rid of mice?

Successful mice control and prevention involves sanitation,proofing and reducing the population. These are the most common prevention measures in mice prevention and eradication.

At Northside Pest Control we will arrange a suitable mice pest control treatment and solution.