There is perception that if you see a cockroach, you have an infestation. This is not always the case. In order to determine how to get rid of cockroaches, it is important to learn about the pest you are dealing with. There are different types of cockroaches and each prefer different types of living and breeding conditions, therefore cockroach control solutions will differ.

The larger cockroaches that are some times seen inside the home, are your common outdoor variety. They may venture inside in search of water ,however there preferred environment is outdoors. You can often find them living in garden beds and even between the fence paling. An external band spray together with a baiting program in side the house is the recommended form of cockroach control.

When ever applying a pesticide, think safety first. Remove all clothes from clothes line, remove all pet bowls and make sure there are no items that could be affected by the spray. Pay special attention to kids toys. Young children have a lot of hand to mouth contact therefore a safe approach to cockroach control is necessary.

The smaller cockroach is the German cockroach. It looks less significant, however it is a much bigger problem. They are generally active at night after the lights have gone out. If you see them during the day, you can be certain that you have an infestation They can quickly infest kitchen and food preparation areas.

It is recommended that you call a pest technician to deal with the problem. An incorrect approach will only make cockroach control more difficult and more costly to eradicate. Call 0434044634