Rodent control. The best way to get rid of rats

To determine best way to get rid of rats and mice and implement a successful rodent control program,  it is important to understand rodent behaviour. The best way to get rid of rats, is to break the breading cycle. The same principle is also applied when developing a solution to get rid of mice.
Rats and mice are seasonal pests that are usually found in homes around the winter and autumn months. They tend to live in ceilings, walls and also nest under the house.

Rats are very destructive. Their need for gnawing means that will chew through water pipes and electrical wiring causing extensive damage to your property. One form of pest control is exclusion. This means, stop them getting in.

The following points should be considered to assist in rodent control:

  • Place seals on all external doors.
  • Overhanging branches will act as a bridge onto your roof. Cut back all trees and branches from the gutter line.
  • Inspect perimeter of the house for visible entry points.
  • Keep gardens well maintained.
  • Remove rubbish.

Another form of rodent control is a baiting program. Baits are safely and strategically placed around your home in order to achieve the highest level of uptake. This is designed to break the breading cycle, hence eliminating the rodent problem.

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